Sunday, 18 December 2011

"Vote for Us II" Lucky Draw~!!

For those who have joined my lucky draws on my old blog, I thank you so much! Now, I have a new lucky draw for you to join. The prizes offered are worth winning for! Hihi~..

Here's what you've gotta do:

1. Like this fanpage

2. Click "LIKE" on my pic (wif my siblings) as seen belowhere

-- this is actually a very old pic...back when I was still single, hehe..

3. Leave your Facebook ID in the comment section below. Ask family & frens to vote as well, coz the more you vote, the better chance of winning!

4. Voting period : 25 November - 31 December 2011

5. [UPDATED] List of voters --> here <--

6. Prizes that are worth winning for~.. (sori for the not-so-clear images)

A pair of Hello Kitty earphones + 3 extra ear plugs

A mouse pad (dragon)

A mouse pad (monkey)

A teddy bear keychain (3 winners)

A Hello Kitty memo

And other more prizes~!! (probably)
(which I will upload from time to time..hehe..)

Additional condition for blogger (optional):
* Write an entry about this lucky draw. Juz paste the banner & put the link of this entry & the deadline in your entry. [You will get 1 extra name in the list of voters!]

yang ni sampai 31 Disember 2011..
Ok, sy dah letak dh..hope..i get the prize.


  1. salam n hye~!!

    thanks ye coz sudi join..gud luck tau..hehe.. ^_^

    btw, hadiah ari tue awk dh dpt ke eh? >_<

  2. xtau lah awk..xdpt lagi.dh p tnye kat pusat mel,diorg kate xde..

  3. owh ye ke?? alamak..nnti sy bg hadiah lain, ok??

  4. awk.. congrats ye..
    nnti bg details spat mungkin tau. ^_^