Friday, 9 September 2011


Duration1 September 2011 (11.42 p.m.) - 27 September 2011 (11.42 p.m.)

Terms & conditions:

1. Follow my personal blog.
2. Make an entry about this GA, insert the banner & the deadline. Don't forget to include the link of this GA too!
3. State when your birthday is... For those born onSeptember, you'll get an extra entry for free!! ( don't have to put the year if you're too shy to reveal your age, OK? ^_^)
4. Put the banner at your blog's sidebar & backlink to this entry.
5. Leave your follower ID & link in the comment section below.
6. Prizes will be updated later. Don't worry~!!
ok, done..
my bday on 9th sept...


  1. thanks ye coz sudi join.. cume nnti ltak banner GA nie kat sidebar blog eh.. thanks!!